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Beginner Rafting

If you’ve never been white water rafting, you’re missing out. Beginners should start on Class I or Class II waters. These are the smoother of available rafting waters. Class I, being the smoothest, is perfectly suited for the younger beginners. If a child can handle and use a paddle, they’re old enough for rafting on Class I waters.

Intermediate Rafting

Class III and some Class IV waters are perfect for rafters with a little bit of experience and a lot of desire for excitement. The current moves a bit more swiftly, there are some rocks and waves, and there is the possibility for drops. Older kids and teens may enjoy Class III, but as the class increases, so does the dange. Beware.

Expert Rafting

If you consider yourself an expert, or close enough to really want to challenge yourself, Class IV and Class V rapids are for you. The large waves, big drops, and need for quick and powerful maneuvering make these classes of water an exhilarating opportunity for adrenaline-fueled excitement. Don’t get dump trucked.

Reservations and Gift Certificates

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    Reserve Your Spot

    If you want to go rafting, whether you are looking for the leisurely pace of Class I or the thrill of Class V, the first thing you have to do is reserve your spot.

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    Give Rafting Gift Certificates

    The more adventurous people on your gift list will enjoy an Atlanta Whitewater Rafting gift certificate. Our gift certificates are valid at any of our networked locations and on any type of water.

About Atlanta Whitewater Rafting

At Atlanta Whitewater Rafting we’re all about fun and excitement! We offer canoe, kayak and whitewater rafting trips on rivers, creeks, streams and lakes near Atlanta. You can experience rafting trips ranging from a brief two hour tour to a wilderness adventure lasting several days.

No matter what kind of rafting adventure you’re interested in finding, Atlanta Whitewater Rafting can hook you up with the right outfitter.


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Whitewater rafting has been rated by corporate motivators among the top team building corporate events available today! Our corporate clients use our Corporate Client Specialists to create rafting adventures for employee incentive programs, as special events, and to promote a positive and dynamic team attitude in the workforce.

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Family Whitewater Rafting

Atlanta Rafting offers you an exciting alternative to the average family outing at the park. Family whitewater rafting can be enjoyed by everyone, and provides a terrific bonding experience unlike any other. We have rafting adventures available that are suitable for all age groups and skill levels, and will gladly customize a whitewater rafting trip for your family.

Call us today to plan your next family whitewater rafting adventure!

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Group Whitewater Rafting Trips

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Your next adventure is just one simple phone call away. Atlanta Rafting offers group specials for a variety of white water rafting experiences, and since every group is unique, we will customize your rafting trip! Call Atlanta Rafting today to receive the most current Group Specials available for your Group Rafting Trip.

Atlanta Whitewater Rafting!

You may not realize it, especially if you spend your day to day in the city, but the Atlanta area is home to several rivers, creeks and lakes that are perfect for water-based excitement.

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Atlanta Whitewater Rafting Atlanta White Water Rafting
Georgia Atlanta Whitewater Rafting
Call us today to learn about the Atlanta, Georgia area’s best rafting opportunities.

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